Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement discloses our policies regarding the information we obtain from you and how we limit and protect the uses to which that information is put.
PhoneVilla is a casual gaming website and holds as minimal information as possible on users. We are committed to building users’ trust and confidence on the Internet by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent. Accordingly, we wish to notify you about:
What Information We Collect and How We Collect It
Through your use of the Site, we may obtain various types of basic contact and user information from you such as your IP (or Internet) address, your user name, email address, and password. While we store this information in our database and endeavor to protect that data, we can offer no warranties or guarantees. Any data you submit to PhoneVilla is ultimately submitted at your own risk.
Player user names are displayed all over the site to identify players. Players should not use personally identifying information in their user names. We encourage anonymity.
We store player email addresses to contact a player if a password is forgotten, send “daily quizzes” when specifically requested by the player, and to send yearly website updates which can be unsubscribed from. We also request that a user provide their email address in our feedback section, so that we can respond to their problem. Private tournaments ask for email addresses so that we can likewise contact players if they forget their passwords, and so that we can send out monthly tournament emails (which can be unsubscribed from). Finally, PhoneVilla Forums require an email for similar contact purposes.
We use player IP addresses to help track down cheating, and to provide us a way to prevent players from accessing the website for abuse, spam, illegal activities, account infractions, etc. Private tournament administrators have access to player IP addresses. Finally, we display in the email the IP address of the player who sends an email from a form on our website to external email addresses, to prevent/track spammers. For example, if someone abuses our “I have forgotten my password” form to send unwanted emails to another user, we can use that IP information to determine where the abuse is originating from. Google Analytics, used to keep track of general website usage, may use IP addresses.
Players may, but are not required to, specify their city, state, and country. This information appears in user profiles. It is used to display regional scoreboards and statistics for some of our quiz games. Players are free to leave this information blank.
Player hobbies and info fields appear in user profiles. This information is all public and available to search engines. Players are asked to carefully consider what they write in these sections, for personal security. This is entirely optional and may be left blank.
We also collect and store HTTP logs, statistics, usage logs, and other information about the online activities of our visitors, primarily for error and abuse tracing. This information is never offered to 3rd parties unless required by law.
We obtain information in several ways. Some are required as part of the registration process. Additional information is gathered through “cookies”, which deposit special codes on your computer.
How We Use Your Information
We use the information above only to operate the site and make your experience more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.
We do not sell, rent, or otherwise give user-submitted information to any other party, except in limited circumstances such as compliance with law or with your permission, as noted below. Thus, we would not sell your name, email address, or other personal information to mass marketers. If PhoneVilla is acquired or becomes part of another organization, we retain the right to transfer all exclusive control over that data to our new operating entity.
Most uses we make of your information are for site administration of your use of the site, such as processing and tracking of orders, diagnosing problems with our server, identification, and security. We may also use this information to contact you for operational purposes, such as tracking orders and notifying you of product updates or new products or editions.
Only if you consent, will we share personal, identifiable data about you to third parties? For example, on particular pages where we ask for personal information, we may explicitly tell you that the data we ask for may be shared with third parties.
There are circumstances where we may need to provide individual information to others. For example, we may disclose the information if we in good faith believe it is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who is violating our Conditions of Use of the Site, breaking the law, causing injury to or interference with others or otherwise violating the rights of others. We may also disclose information to the extent we believe in good faith it is required by law or for administrative and other purposes we deem necessary to maintain, service, and improve our products and service. In all such circumstances, we will limit what information we disclose to the extent we believe it to be appropriate.
Choices Regarding Collection, Use and Distribution of Information – Opting Out and Corrections
We may send you emails or other promotions our vendors or we offer that we believe may be of special interest to you. Only PhoneVilla (or our agents who are required to comply with these policies) will send you these materials. If you do not wish to receive these materials, you may either modify your account preferences to opt-out from such promotions, send an unsubscribe email by the means indicated in the materials or tell us when we collect information from you.
You also have choices concerning cookies. Your Internet browser allows you to accept all cookies, be notified when a cookie is sent, or reject all cookies. However, if you reject cookies, we may not be able to customize the content we show you or otherwise learn your preferences. There may also be services that require the use of cookies. This may negatively affect your Site experience. In addition, we may place advertising on the Site that originates from outside advertisers or other third parties. In some cases, if you click on these advertisements, a cookie may be sent to your computer. We do not control these cookies.
Changes in Policies; Terms and Conditions
We may change these policies from time to time. If any such changes materially and adversely affect the use of your information, we will generally refer to such changes on the Site for a period of time, although our failure to do so will not affect the applicability of such changes. Accordingly, we recommend that you check back to review these policies from time to time, particularly if you have not visited the Site for some time. These policies are also subject to our Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference, and we also recommend that you review those from time to time.